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13 Aralık 2019 Cuma

Our Minds Are Married, But We Are Too Young

Our minds are married, but we are too young 
For wedlock by the customs of this age 
When parent homes pen each in seperate cage 
And only supper-earning songs are sung. 
Times past, when medieval woods were green, 
Babes were betrothed, and that betrothal brief. 
Remember Romeo in love and grief 
- Those star-crossed lovers - Juliet was fourteen. 
Times past, the caveman by his new-found fire 
Rested beside his mate in woodsmoke's scent. 
By our own fireside we shall rest content 
Fifty years hence keep troth with hearts desire. 
We shall remember, when our hair is white, 
These clouded days revealed in radiant light.
George Orwell
Given to Jacintha Buddicom, Christmas 1918

11 Aralık 2019 Çarşamba

The Pagan

So here are you, and here am I, 
Where we may thank our gods to be; 
Above the earth, beneath the sky, 
Naked souls alive and free. 
The autumn wind goes rustling by 
And stirs the stubble at our feet; 
Out of the west it whispering blows, 
Stops to caress and onward goes, 
Bringing its earthy odours sweet. 
See with what pride the the setting sun 
Kinglike in gold and purple dies, 
And like a robe of rainbow spun 
Tinges the earth with shades divine. 
That mystic light is in your eyes 
And ever in your heart will shine.
George Orwell
Written autumn 1918 and sent to Jacintha Buddicom

9 Aralık 2019 Pazartesi


No stone is set to mark his nation's loss, 
No stately tomb enshrines his noble breast; 
Not e'en the tribute of a wooden cross 
Can mark this hero's rest. 
He needs them not, his name untarnished stands, 
Remindful of the mighty deeds he worked, 
Footprints of one, upon time's changeful sands, 
Who ne'er his duty shirked. 
Who follows in his steps no danger shuns, 
Nor stoops to conquer by a shameful deed, 
An honest and unselfish race he runs, 
From fear and malice freed.
George Orwell
The Henley and South Oxfordshire Standard, 21 July 1916